Exverse Alpha Tournament

4 min readApr 3, 2024


In the year 2085, Earth became a desolate wasteland, its atmosphere filled with a deadly toxin from once-benign flora. Humanity, now clinging to survival in space, discovered this cataclysm was no fluke, launching desperate expeditions back to Earth in a bid to understand and counter this apocalypse. As survivors split between restoring Earth or seeking new homes in the stars, their division sparked fierce conflicts. In this tense backdrop, an unlikely beacon of hope emerges: forgotten, flawed robots known as Proxies, revitalized to explore dangerous terrains. Yet, as humanity pins its survival on these machines, the true battle unfolds in the shadows. Survivors, divided in their visions for the future, engage in deadly skirmishes, each faction vying for control and resources. This game thrusts you into the heart of this conflict, where every match is a fight for survival, ideology, and the fate of humanity itself in the desolate arenas of a forsaken Earth and the vast void of space. Welcome to Exverse, where the line between human and machine blurs in the struggle for tomorrow.


This exclusive tournament is a unique opportunity for Exverse players, featuring a $50,000 prize pool. Entry is limited to task completers on our quest platform, partners, and pass holders, ensuring a high-level competition. Join us to make history in Exverse.


Section 1: Tournament Overview Purpose of the Tournament:

This inaugural public tournament of Exverse, starting on April 15th and spanning five days, is not just a competition; it’s the first-ever public test of the game. With a generous $50,000 prize pool, our aim is to gather invaluable feedback and celebrate the game’s journey with our passionate community. This event is a cornerstone for both the game’s development and our relationship with players.

Dates and Duration:

Mark your calendars! The tournament kicks off on April 15th and will run for five exhilarating days till 20th April. This period marks a crucial phase in Exverse’s evolution, providing participants with a first glimpse into the game’s mechanics and the community’s potential.

Section 2: Participation

Criteria Eligibility: Exclusive access to the tournament will be awarded based on our quest platform leaderboard https://exv.io/alpha. Pass holders will be granted access in the first wave, followed by partners. It’s important to note: only those who have completed all quests on our quest platform are eligible for the prize pool.

How to Enter: Game entry will be facilitated through the Ultra.io launcher. Instructions will be sent to all eligible players via email or Discord, ensuring a seamless start to your tournament journey.

Section 3: Tournament Format, Rules & Game Mode:

Participants will compete in a deathmatch mode, with 16 players battling simultaneously in each 15-minute session. Your objective is to collect as many points as possible, with the best players being tracked via a leaderboard accessible both on our website and directly in-game. A detailed explanation of point calculations will be provided (picture attached).

Points System

Section 4: Instructions for Participants, Preparation and Conduct:

For an optimal experience, we recommend playing on the highest settings. Our robust anti-cheat system will ensure fair play, with any violators being banned accordingly. For any questions and updates, our leaderboard on the website and in-game, along with our Discord channel, will serve as your go-to resources, supported by a dedicated team of moderators.

Section 5: Rewards and Prizes

Distribution: Prizes will be distributed in USDT on the Bep20 network and in $EXVG tokens within 10 days post-tournament.

The allocation is as follows:

Public Round: A total of $40,000 in Stables & Tokens distributed across various ranks.

Community Competitions: $10,000 allocated for community-driven categories such as Best Clip/Short, Funniest Death, Best Snipe, and more, celebrating creativity and skill.This comprehensive tournament is set to be a landmark event for Exverse, showcasing the best of competitive play and community engagement.

Twitter / X: https://twitter.com/exverse_io
Discord: https://discord.com/invite/exverse
Telegram: https://t.me/exverse
Alpha Signup: https://exv.io/alpha
Other Links: https://side.xyz/exverse




Exverse is a FPS build on Unreal Engine 5, powered by immutable and incubated by Seedify & KuCoin Labs.